Depict The Future #1

Depict The Future #1 (2021-08)
Thinking of the artist means that the artist exists in the viewer.
To think of myself, the creator of the work, is to look at the unchanging authenticity within myself.
We try to keep ourselves in people and in ourselves through our corporate affiliations and social networking platforms.
But you don't have to belong to anything, and you don't have to use any platform to do it.
When you create something on your own, your title in society, the amount of money you receive from a company, the number of followers or likes you have on social networks will not affect how good or bad your work is.
Nor will they remain in your work for posterity.
What you create with your own hands will remain your authentic yourself, not swayed by the reputation of others.
For example, from the point of view of people 100 years in the future, there is not much difference between what you started 10 years ago and what you start now.
The work you will complete tomorrow will have been created tomorrow, regardless of when you started the activity.
It is never too late for you to start something.
If you feel the need to face yourself now, express something.
No technique or experience is necessary. There are many ways to shortcut.
The only thing that matters is the authentic activity of creating something with your own hands.

I haven't drawn my manga comic yet, so my future world is full of blank spaces.
You and I can both start drawing it now.
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Depict The Future #1 

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